Best and Worst lotions for Self-Tanner

If you are anything like me, you self tan. And, for us semi-dark ladies we hate losing our tan we worked so hard to get.

One thing I have learned through out all my self-tanners is that self-tanner doesn’t work well with certain lotions.

As many of us bloggers say, use lotion to make the tanner last longer or even, use lotion so that your hands and feet don’t get all blotchy.

Best Lotions T

1. By far the best lotion I have ever used with my self-tanner is, Vaseline intense care body lotion aloe smooth. This stuff is a dream, you put it on your skin and not only does it feel like butter but your self-tanner looks great!

2. Jergens smoothing Aloe – this stuff is just like the Vaseline but way more hydrating but o would suggest it to be used after you do your self-tanner and you rinse off the color guard.

3. Cetaphil – this lotion is great for my oily acne prone girls great for making sure your self-tanner on your knees, hands, elbows, and feet.

4. Another great Lotion/oil is Cocoa Butter Formula. This is usually used for women with stretch marks but I have found it to be great body lotion. (but not to use before you put the self-tanner)

5. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant – this stuff is great it makes my skin feel great but I have to say its not in my top list as because it did stay sticky on my skin for a few hours. so if you are using this before your self-tanner you will need to wait till it semi-dries.

Cerave – Like Cetaphil, this is a great lotion for people who have sensitive skin. I have highly sensitive skin, so the doctor recomended this to me. I like it but I dont feel glowy after I use it I just feel the same. I mean it does help keep my skin mosturized but I dont feel any different than if I didnt put it on.

Worst Lotions

  1. Vaseline Extremely Dry Skin Rescue– this is great for really dry skin but if you have a tan it isn’t that good it will actually make your skin so smooth that the tan will rub off. Which isn’t good if you have paid to go to a salon and get it a good spray tan, stay as far as you can away from this stuff.
  2. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – I used this stuff all through high school but as soon as I started using it again recently it is way-way too greasy. I put it on my elbows and knees before I self-tanned. But, by the next day when I went to wash off the color guard all of the tanners on my elbows and knees came right off. SO for about 2 days, I looked like I something was wrong with my skin. I had to scrub all the self-tanner off in order to make my skin match.
  3. Lubriderm – This is great for your face, I have used this as moisturizer in the past but now that I use makeup it doesn’t make my makeup last.

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