Outfit of the day Jan 30TH

These days I throw on what I can find and run out the door.

But today I decided to match myself with colors but stick out also.

Top – as much as I love this top you really can’t see it under this fur jacket. But it does keep my arms warm and make the outfit looked finished. Top2

Jacket – I got this jacket for Macy’s so many years ago, but it still looks great and is always trendy. I will put some here that look just like it.

Jeans/leggings – these leggings do run a little big so I suggest you go down a size vs sticking with the size you usually use.

Shoes – these are super cute but I’m going to give you ladies a different suggestion as these are pretty out of stock. Shoes2

Purse – I don’t change purses often I honestly stick with the same one, till I need to change it. I use this purse all the time but when I do, I use this organizer in order to keep it together as things can get lost in this purse.

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