Date Night

I love getting dressed up. Especially if it is to a nice restaurant. We went to this new steak house in Campbell, have to say great food.

When I found this dress last year it was on a blogger. I loved it and had to get it. But even though I thought it was a little short it looked so good and fit so well I had to wear it that night.

Free People is a great Brand and this dress looks great I swear on everyone. The best part is you don’t have to wear it like a Dress you can wear it as a top too. I am a little too short to use it as a Shirt but I love using it as a Dress. Here are a few others just in case they are sold out of your size, Tunic1 Tunic2

This dress has a great style but if you use it you need at lease an undergarment. This is the one I suggest it matches the outfit great.

Since it was so cold I used some tights too keep me warm. Plus I haven’t self-tanned in a long time so I thought I was wayyyy to white to pull it off.

And some beautiful High Heeled boots.

Something I forget the simple things like what curler I use which is a T3 Curling Iron. I love this Iron because you can switch out the barrels so it makes it easier than keeping so many curling irons around.

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